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We, at Sri Sri Academy, envisioned of SSMUN'19 as a platform to witness a congregation of ideologies from both sides of the river, the one and only MUN which could boast of intellects from such varied geographical locations. Undoubtedly SSMUN'16, SSMUN'17 and SSMUN'18 turned out to be one of the finest conferences ever seen. This year, in its fourth edition SSMUN promises to be bigger and better as we promise you of an experience of a lifetime. Be there at Sri Sri Academy on from the to unearth the diplomat in you!!



Mrs. Suvina Shunglu



Dear Delegates,
It is with great pleasure I invite you to the fourth edition of Sri Sri Academy Model United Nations Conference 2019.
As we strive in a world which is impended by trails of injustice, is affected by man’s destruction, and is being shouldered by the minute number of people who stand for equality, it is vital for us to enact and conduct required tasks for change- and this is the time, this is the era. It is time to recall Gandhiji’s call for peace and reconciliation: - “I would not want to live in a world that was not one world.”
Through the 4th Chapter of SSMUN’19, we want delegates to arbitrate, negotiate and reconcilate to a new destiny. India’s ancient wisdom sees the entire world as one family. Therefore I hope to see meaningful collaboration amongst our delegates so as to foster an environment conducive to intellectual freedom.
As you come to witness one place where young teenagers comprehensively talk about the ‘problems of the world’ we invite you to come and learn about the ways this world works and how deliberations in the world go on.

Mrs. Suvina Shunglu,
Founding Principal.


Mrs. Rinita Dasgupta



Dear Delegates,
I extend my warm welcome to all the esteemed institutions participating in the fourth edition of Sri Sri Academy Model United Nations Conference (SSMUN’19).
A Model United Nations conference, a concept that is fast-gaining in popularity, is a simulation of proceedings that take place at the United Nations and various other forums concerning geopolitical matters. It tries to foster a culture of peace, build on dialogue and understanding for living together in harmony while respecting and celebrating humanity’s rich diversity.
Model United Nations allows the young delegates to use their wits and tests their ability of crisis handling by presenting them with challenges and obstacles that may arise in the real world. The procedure and protocol are two of the strongest edifices of United Nations. Thus, MUNs should ideally reflect the values and methods of the United Nations as closely as possible. While innovative inputs, rules of procedure and content make these conferences more interesting. It promotes them to improve their social skills and give them a sneak peek to the real world.
I wish good luck to the SSMUN team for organizing the fourth edition. I hope that it would be a valuable learning experience for all the delegates.

Rinita Dasgupta
Faculty Advisor.


Tarushee Agarwal



Greetings Delegate,
It is my immense pleasure and privilege to welcome all honorable delegates to the 4th edition of Sri Sri Model United Nations Conference 2019. SSMUN was the brain child of the Srians from the batch of 2016 and has excelled to a great extent. In it's true spirits SSMUN 2K19 aims to unite youth leaders to engage in some of the most controversial and sensitive issues of recent times .
Observing the recent geo-political scenario it distinctly indicates that the human race is interested in using violence in gaining a high stand in the International forum and due to this reason the entire world has been submerged in conflicts .
This situation has given rise to an unprecedented global tension . Perhaps conflicts are more deeply ingrained in us than we think .
Since we seem to have hardly learnt a lesson from our past and the present offers us no solace our only hope lies in looking towards the future .It is our duty not just as tomorrow's leaders but as well as tomorrow’s thinkers to ensure that the relevance of the United Nations is preserved and the principles on which it was founded are not dissolved in the passage of time . Therefore we give you delegates a platform to debate , deliberate and bring forth amicable solutions to the various crises that the world faces today . This year at SSMUN we stimulate five committees with each committee having a distinct style and and a set of issues and we ensure that the delegates will be provided with an opportunity to broaden their visions through an increased understanding of geo-political issues both in the past and present .
With our promising and highly experienced Secretariat we hope to give you the best possible SSMUN experience . While discussing the problems of the present day seems to be a priority , the mistakes done in the past cannot be understated . Thus our combination of both historical and present day committees will bring forth relevant issues that makes us questions the very principles on which our society has been built .
The thrill of meeting and lobbying with aspiring leaders such as yourself will be an experience to cherish . The nervousness of voting upon resolutions and the agony of seeing someone voting against you will teach you an invaluable lesson . We want delegates to use SSMUN 2K19 to become more aware of sensitive world issues as well as use it as a platform to voice realistic and original solutions . And use it as a stepping stone to share your future .
I look forward to meeting everyone of you in September and hope that you come prepared to change the world .


Tarushee Agarwal,
Secretary General.



United Nations General Assembly

To discuss Open elimination racism and racial discrimination


United Nations Historical Security Council

1. Addressing the suez canal crisis
2. Addressing the Hungarian revolution


Joint Crisis Committee

Formulation of wartime stratergies post the pearl harbour attack.


Lok Sabha

Discussion on the article 370


International Press Corps

Coverage of the Conference


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