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18th, 19th, 20th June

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We, at Sri Sri Academy, envisioned of SSMUN'18 as a platform to witness a congregation of ideologies from both sides of the river, the one and only MUN which could boast of intellects from such varied geographical locations. Undoubtedly both SSMUN'16 and SSMUN'17 turned out to be one of the finest conferences ever seen. This year, in its third edition SSMUN promises to be bigger and better as we promise you of an experience of a lifetime. Be there at Sri Sri Academy on from the 18th-20th June to unearth the diplomat in you!!



Mrs. Suvina Shunglu



Dear Delegates,
It is with great pleasure I invite you to the third edition of Sri Sri Academy Model United Nations Conference 2018.
We are humbled by the prospect of bringing together student delegates from over 20+ institutes in order to engage in an enlightening debate over the most pressing issues that faces the international community today.
In our view there exists an overwhelming logic for giving the United Nations a role in providing direction to the comprehensive reforms of the international, financial and trading system. These reforms must be aimed at building an international architecture that reflects the realities of the 21st century and is able to create an environment that effectively support national efforts to eradicate poverty. The United Nations has been tested by conflicts, humanitarian crises and turbulent changes, yet it has survived and has achieved much for the people all over the world.
India’s ancient wisdom sees the entire world as one family. Therefore I hope to see meaningful collaboration amongst our delegates so as to foster an environment conducive to intellectual freedom

Mrs. Suvina Shunglu,


Mrs. Sangeeta Joseph



Dear Delegates,
I extend my warm welcome to all the esteemed institutions participating in the third edition of Sri Sri Academy Model United Nations Conference (SSMUN’18).
The Model United Nations tries to foster a culture of peace, build on dialogue and understanding for living together in harmony while respecting and celebrating humanity’s rich diversity.More and more students are taking initiative to engage with this format of debating. The procedure and protocol are two of the strongest edifices of United Nations. Thus, MUNs should ideally reflect the values and methods of the United Nations as closely as possible. While innovative inputs, rules of procedure and content make these conferences more interesting.
I wish good luck to the SSMUN team for organizing the 3rd edition. I hope that it would be an exhilarating and learning experience for all the delegates

Mrs. Sangeeta Joseph,
Faculty Incharge.


Gopal Agarwal



“Accusing the time is but excusing ourselves”
I tell you that today we live in a world where violence and vandalism have become common like they never were before. I say that today we live in a world that acts of violence previously covertly done are now done with open pride. I say we live in a world where façade and not transparency are at the grassroots of national policies or for that matter people’s behavior.
To all those of you who believe that we cannot wait and watch while such things happen. To all those of you who believe that the voice of the youth needs to be heard. To all those of you who believe that a Model United Nations while teaching you to analyze and look at situations from distant perspective, teaches you to resolve differences with people around you, I extend to you the platform of the most ambitious version of Sri Sri Academy Model United Nations.
We as a generation have the best time and resources, enumerated with the experience of older generations, to shape the world in a way we want. The onus is on us to act and deliberate as the choices of today will govern our future in an unprecedented manner.
With an unceasing optimism, I leave you with the mantle and on behalf of my passionate team, I invite you to a conference that awaits a brilliant ensemble of delegates who dare to take on upcoming challenges in the world with courage and diplomacy.
Amidst the changing scenarios of Model UN conferences across the country, we at Sri Sri Academy promise to create a conference wherein we present an amalgamation of conventionality and creativity, keeping the essence of a Model UN conference absolutely intact.

Gopal Agarwal,
Secretary General.



United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Prevent Contraband Trafficking with Special Emphasis on the Middle East


United Nations Human Rights Council

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Joint Crisis Committee

Scourge of WORLD WAR III


All India Political Parties' Meet

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