Joint Crisis Committee 1 - The Maoist Cabinet

- The Sino-soviet split
- Freeze Date: 4th June, 1964

Chairperson : Aditya Joshi

China has almost emerged as a superpower in today’s world. But once upon a time it was but a shadow of the USSR, admiring the ideologies of Joseph Stalin. The Sino-Soviet split is arguably the most important political event that has shaped The Communist Party of China (CCP). After the death of Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong grew dissatisfied with the changes brought about by the succeeding premier, mainly, De-Stalinization. This escalated the tensions between the nations until finally PRC cut-off diplomatic relations with the USSR. Be a part of this committee to determine the course that communism will take in the modern world and establish China as a symbol against the outrageous liberal and democratic ways of the Western Superpowers.

This committee will be co-chaired by Aditya Joshi, the Director General of SSMUN’19 and the chair of the futuristic crisis committee at SSMUN’20.