Joint Crisis Committee 2 – The Soviet Cabinet

- The Sino-soviet split
- Freeze Date: 4th June, 1964

Chairperson : Vishesh Mehra

USSR, the world’s first Marxist-Communist state to become one of the biggest and most powerful nations in the world, was arguably at its peak. After the death of Premier Joseph Stalin, the new Premier, Nikita Khrushchev brought about reforms to undo the evils of the former Premier. As a result, USSR’s neigh bouring communist nation, PRC, was displeased by the changes and felt a betrayal to the ideology of communism from the newly crowned Premier. The rift between the two nations kept getting wider and tensions were at all-time high. China took a belligerent stance towards the West, and publicly rejected the USSR's policy of peaceful coexistence between the Eastern and Western blocs. In addition, China resented the closer Soviet ties with India, and Moscow feared Mao was too nonchalant about the horrors of nuclear war.

A committee full of fast paced discussions and quicker decision making and with tense relations with the West and worsening situation with PRC, the fate of Communism and USSR lies in your hands.

This committee will be chaired by Vishesh Mehra, the Deputy Secretary General of SSMUN’20. His dedication towards SSMUN has always inspired and motivated the ones around him to push their limits in making this conference a success.