United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Eradicating illicit transactions emphasizing on products meant for drug abuse with special focus on "The Drug War" since 1930.

Chairperson : Sabdashwa Chakraborty

Chairperson : Sahaj Pundir

The very name of the committee states its purpose, to eradicate and substantially reduce drug abuse and crime in society. With that very same vision, this committee aims to deal with scenarios of utter chaos, from instances like political disputes causing insufficient border security leading to widening of many illicit networks. The committee will focus on various parts of the society and how drugs are impacting them. The US led War on Drugs and the current Taliban takeover of Afghanistan will be the key areas where the delegates should focus. The Latin American Nations which play a pivotal role in manufacturing and trafficking drugs throughout the world will also be under spotlight. The various government led programs like the one in Philippines will also be taken into account.

This committee aims to find solutions to the various aforementioned problems. This committee will provide the delegates a platform to put forward their ideas and convince others to agree upon them.
This committee will be co-chaired by Sabdashwa Chakraborty and Sahaj Pundir. Sahaj Pundir was the Secretary General of SSMUN’20. Sabdashwa Chakraborty is new to the SSMUN family and brings a lot of experience with himself.