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07th, 08th and 09thOctober, 2021

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A pandemic is no barrier in the path of Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata when it comes to hosting SSMUN to discuss and deliberate upon the issues and crises plaguing our world and find a solution to them! We wish to enhance the analytical and problem solving skills and reduce the fear of public speaking of the delegates taking part in this enriching experience. The basis of our existence at SSMUN lies in conflict resolution using techniques of meditation and yoga, environmental responsibility and service with compassion. During this year’s conference, you will be emulating diplomats from various countries and enhance your negotiating and diplomatic skills in order to have a comprehensive, practical and solution- oriented discourse.



Mrs. Suvina Shunglu


Dear Delegates,
It is with great pleasure I invite you to the 6th edition of Sri Sri Academy,Kolkata Model United Nations Conference 2021.
As we continue to live in a world which is still battling the covid-19 pandemic, misinformation, inequality and drug abuse, it is imperative for the leaders of tomorrow to be aware of their responsibility and duty to confront these threats, and ensure a better world and a better society.
SSMUN is a conference where the delegates develop their public speaking and leadership skills, and have an enriching 3-day experience. From enhancing their debating skills to honing the art of diplomacy, the delegates always take the stature of SSMUN higher. With every passing year, we do our best to provide the delegates with an experience which they will cherish for the rest of their MUNing journey.
Welcome to SSMUN’21, an arena where everyone learns and everyone wins.

Mrs. Suvina Shunglu,
Founding Principal.


Ms. Rinita Dasgupta



Dear Delegates,
It's an honour to welcome all of you to the sixth edition of Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata Model United Nations Conference 2021, to debate on current and pressing global issues and collaborate with some of the brightest students from around the country.
This year, the conference will revolve around the theme of ‘peace redefined’. The theme is inspired by the political, cultural, psychological and personal conflicts that are currently going on around the world or have occurred previously. It is every individual’s responsibility to support and help maintain peace in society. “We cannot build a future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future” - with this idea we will try to ensure that the conference stresses on the development of young minds holistically.
The delegates will step in the shoes of top level diplomats and cabinet members which will force them to leave behind personal biases, and look through the lens of others. We hope this conference will offer you a gateway into an attitude and mindset which represents progress and innovation.
Looking forward to seeing you this October!

Ms. Rinita Dasgupta
Faculty Advisor.


Shlok Mansinka



Honourable Principals, Esteemed Delegates and Guests,
On behalf of the SSMUN family, I am honoured to welcome you all to the sixth edition of the Sri Sri Model United Nations Conference. This year, for the second time, we will be hosting the conference on an online platform due to the ongoing pandemic.
Model United Nations has been an integral part of my high- school life, it has shaped me into the person I am right now. Besides helping me develop social and vocational skills it has also taught me to look at problems from different perspectives.
This year at the sixth edition of SSMUN, our committees vary from conventional committees like United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC) and Special Political and Decolonization Committee(SPECPOL) to an Indian committee in the form of All India Political Parties Meet(AIPPM). In addition to this we also have a Joint Crisis Committee (JCC 1 and JCC 2) where we expect heated deliberations and mind-blowing communiques.
We hope to create a profoundly meaningful and inspirational experience for all our delegates. I am convinced that this year’s theme will arouse and implant within the delegates a thrust for change. This change will come through collaboration, expression and creative ideas which will enhance the way one thinks. I look forward to seeing you all this October and see the incredible ideas and solutions that you come up with!


Shlok Mansinka,
Secretary General.




United Nations General Assembly 4 Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Discussing viable solutions to resolve The Israel -Palestine Conflict


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Eradicating illicit transactions emphasizing on products meant for drug abuse with special focus on "The Drug War" since 1930.


Joint Crisis Committee 1 - The Maoist Cabinet

- The Sino-soviet split.


Joint Crisis Committee 2 – The Soviet Cabinet

- The Sino-soviet split.


All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM)

Discuss the ongoing situation in the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh with special emphasis on the electoral processes, maintenance of National Security and envisioned Developmental projects in the UTs.


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