To prevent Contraband Trafficking with special emphasis on the Middle East.

Chairperson : Abhishek Agarwal

Delegation Type: Single & Double

The repercussions of the adverse use of Contraband Trafficking have often been deliberated upon at a plethora of platforms. However, an integrated solution to overcome the same is yet to be formulated. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime seeks to cut off the fabrication of this fatalistic activity at its very foundation.
The Middle East is a region where the advancement of a profusion of terrorist factions spearheaded by the Islamic State are pursuing to establish a New World Order of social, economic, and political insecurity. Conscious of the prevalent situations, we, as members of the global community must deliberate and materialize a plan of action to counter the precarious procedure of Contraband Trafficking, which is the root cause of the unrest and instability in the world today. Be there, this year, as we try to change the future of contraband trafficking in the hotbed of wars.